Energise Energy Solutions Partner with Solarcrown Commercial

New Partnership Announcement

Energise Energy Solutions is delighted to announce a new partnership with St. Helens based Solarcrown Commercial.

The move is mutually beneficial as Energise Energy Solutions and Solarcrown Commercial’s work can complement each other to provide a more holistic service for eco-conscious businesses.

Business Development Manager, Tom Clarke, said:

“This partnership is something we have been working on for a long time now and it’s great to finally get it over the line. We have huge aspirations to grow in the renewable energy market and this move is a great step towards that.

We have received countless enquiries in the past for Solar PV to go alongside our EV Charge Point installs so it is really exciting to see the projects we could work on together in the near future”

Solarcrown Commercial Managing Director, Ken Currie, added:

“Our partnership with Energise Energy Solutions is an exciting development for Solarcrown Commercial.

The fuel crisis and focus on carbon neutrality has pushed electric vehicles higher up the corporate agenda. Electric vehicle charging is a facility that many of our customers have expressed an interest in. As such, Solarcrown Commercial are keen respond to those enquiries by adding this provision to our services through a trusted provider that shares our vision in terms of quality of service and customer experience.

Likewise, Energise Energy Solutions can now confidently offer bespoke solar PV systems and LED lighting schemes, knowing that Solarcrown Commercial will offer the high standard of professional advice and services their customer base has come to expect.”

Solar Enquiries

If you are interested in what Energise Energy Solutions and Solarcrown Commercial can offer your business, please fill in the form below and an expert member of the team will get back to you.

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