Wallbox Pulsar Max

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Installation included – Pulsar Max offers the ideal balance between a small size and the powerful performance you need for smart charging at home.

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Small is Powerful

Wallbox Pulsar Max was created to give your electric vehicle a powerful smart charger in an incredibly small size. It is perfect for daily use at home. Its compact dimensions and minimalist design fits any garage and is enhanced by multiple functions found on the myWallbox app.

Improve Your Charging Experience

Improve your charger intelligence with our dynamic load management solution to avoid blackouts and surprise energy bills. It will measure your home’s live energy usage and automatically adjusts the charge to your EV in harmony with your local grid’s capacity.

Intergrated myWallbox App

Connect your Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV charger to any smart device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and use the myWallbox App to easily control your charger and schedule charging sessions that take advantage of off-peak charging times. Wallbox Pulsar Plus is certified water and dust resistant so is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Introducing 0% Finance

Wallbox Pulsar Max is available on 0% finance with Kanda, giving you flexibility to pay for your EV Charger in a way that suits you.


Additional information



Installation Type


Power Rating

Up to 7.2kw, Up to 7.4kW

Connection Type



Height 166 x Width 163 x Depth 82 (mm)



Product Code


Surge Protection

Yes, No

Connector Type

Type 2

Key Features

Wallbox Charging Speed Warranty Cable


Wallbox Pulsar Max is..

Compact – Smaller than a toaster, lighter than a laptop.

Powerful – Up to 22 kW of charging capacity.

Connected – Connect Pulsar Plus to any smart device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and use the myWallbox app to easily control your charger.

Controllable – Schedule charging sessions that take advantage of off-peak energy rates, monitor your charger status, and more through the myWallbox app.

Compatible with your EV – Pulsar Plus is available with type 1 and type 2 charging cables.

Durability – Pulsar Plus is certified water and dust resistant with IP54 and IK08 protection ratings, allowing for safe installation indoors or outdoors.


By installing an extra CT clamp (£60 at the time of charger installation), your Wallbox Pulsar Max will be able to draw 100% of energy required directly from your solar pv or wind generation.

Eco-Smart allows you to use the green energy generated from your home solar panels or wind turbines to charge your electric vehicle most efficiently and sustainably. It has two different charging modes to choose from:

Eco-mode: Minimize the use of grid power while charging your EV by combining it with any surplus green energy available. Eco mode detects the green energy not used elsewhere in your home in real time and mixes it with energy from the grid to ensure an efficient charge.

Full-Green: Use exclusively green energy to charge your car. The Full-Green mode will detect when surplus green energy is available at your home to meet the minimum requirements to power your vehicle. Your car will begin charging, meaning every charge is fully green*

Wallbox Pulsar Max can be controlled by using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

To access and manage your charger’s smart functions from your mobile device (smartphone or tablet), you must first download the myWallbox app and create your myWallbox account.

The Wallbox Voice Assistant lets you control and manage up to 4 Wallbox chargers. You can get to know your charger status, start or stop a charging session, lock, or unlock your charger, set a charging schedule, and more.

The Wallbox Voice Assistant is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

If your charger is installed at a location where someone outside your household might be able to access and use your charger, or if you want to otherwise restrict the use of your charger (for example, to prevent a user from charging during peak utility rate hours), you can use myWallbox to lock or unlock your charger and prevent unauthorized use.

  1. To lock: Click the green lock icon on the charger app screen. When locked, the yellow lock icon will appear.
  2. To unlock: Click the yellow lock icon on the charger app screen. When unlocked, the green lock icon will appear.

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